Swimming pools offer many health benefits. It’s about how you use your pool. If you want a pool to splash about in, for entertainment value – pool parties and braais by the pool – or for your kids, consider how you could also make use of it to improve your health. If you are planning a pool installation, and if you can fit it in the available space, perhaps invest a little more in making it long enough for swimming laps that get your heart pumping and your muscles aching.

The health benefits of swimming:

  • Swimming offers one of the best all-around exercises out there. It works your whole body to some degree. Swimming is a resistance exercise that offers of a full body workout.
  • It’s a great cardiovascular workout. This improves general health and fitness, increases metabolism, promotes weight loss and does wonders for circulation.
  • Different swimming strokes and exercises can also be adapted to target specific areas – such as upper arms, glutes, thighs and…hear this, ladies – chest muscles. There’s more to the cosmetic benefit here, because the improvements in how you look in those blue jeans and T-shirts goes hand in hand with improved fitness and a sense of well-being.
    Swimming offers weightless resistance training – so you get the benefit of the resistance, without the impact stresses that can lead to injuries.
  • Swimming is great for your lungs! All those deep breaths improve lung functioning and capacity, and this contributes to health improvements associated with well oxygenated blood-flow. ( keeping your pool maintained with balanced PH levels ensures healthy swimming)

Pool aerobics for small pools:

Only have space for a plunge-pool? Don’t worry – you don’t need a big pool to do water aerobics. You can get many of the same health and fitness benefits of swimming laps from water aerobics.

Water aerobics is especially good for people with health conditions that make gym circuits and traditional aerobics unsuitable. It’s great for people with back problems and injuries, or who are at risk of injury. It’s fun too! And fun is also good for your health.

When you realise the enormous health benefits of swimming it might be an idea to add solar heating to your pool. Why not get the benefits all year round.