Swimming pools come in all sizes and shapes, but nearly all of them, from the backyard personal pool to the water park wave pool, work in the same rudimentary way. They use an arrangement of filtration and chemical treatment to frequently clean a large volume of water. A classic swimming pool needs seven major components:

  1. A basin
  2. A water filter
  3. A motorised pump
  4. Drains
  5. A chemical feeder
  6. Returns
  7. PVC plastic plumbing joining all of these elements

The basic idea is to pump water in a recurring cycle, from the pool through the chemical and filtering treatment systems and back to the pool again. In this way, the pumping system retains the water in the pool fairly free of dirt, bacteria and debris. Some pools also contain heaters in the mix, in order to keep the water at a certain temperature.

Pool Types:
The main difference amongst different types of pools is how the basin is made. There are several different pool styles, each with its own disadvantages and advantages.

Above-ground Pools:
These are the cheapest building option, as well as the easiest to build. Most above-ground pools are made from assembled kits, which even an amateur can put together. The installers then level off the ground to form a flat building surface, then set the pool up according to instruction.

Fiberglass Pools:
These are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which has been moulded into a basin shape. To fit the pool, a building crew digs a suitably sized hole, lays the essential plumbing, adds some sand filler and lowers the preformed pool structure into the hole. Then they level the pool; get together all the plumbing and backfill in the area around the pool.

Poured-concrete Pools:
These are like to Gunite pools, but they are a lot tougher to build. As an alternative of spraying concrete material around a rebar outline, concrete is essentially poured into conventional wooden forms. With the rise of Gunite techniques, poured-concrete pool building has recurrently fallen by the wayside. In masonry block pools, the walls are erected with concrete blocks. While these pool designs are quite diverse, they all rely on the same basic filtering and plumbing systems.

Pools are essential in the summer time and especially if you have a family, it would be great to spend some more time outdoors.