If you are putting in a swimming pool, chances are that you will need a retaining wall.

Swimming pool retaining walls are essential constructions when installing a pool in sloped garden areas. However, they can also be added as landscaping or pool design features for their looks alone. Retaining walls should be functional, but there are huge variety of designs and ways in which they can be built. Swimming pool retaining walls can make your pool area a unique and beautiful feature of your garden or home exterior.

Before we go on to direct you to some inspiring ideas for swimming pool retainer wall designs:


When you plan your swimming pool retaining wall:

  • Your retaining wall plans may require approval by local authorities. It is a built feature, just like your other walls. The design and height may be subject to SA retaining wall building regulations.
  • Swimming pool retaining walls must be functional. Most keep the higher ground from swallowing your pool. They may need special reinforcements and run-off water escapes to stop them collapsing into your pool, over time.
  • For these reasons, your retaining wall should be built by an accredited pool installation and retaining wall professional.
Swimming pool retaining wall

Now…on to the fun stuff. Getting ideas for your pool retaining wall!
There is a huge variety of swimming pool retaining wall types and designs. Some incorporate fountains, slides, falls and hanging gardens. Some slope, others are sheer. Some high, some low. Stick with building regulations first; then your imagination is your only limit. (Ok, your budget too…)

There are amazing designs for contemporary to classic pool retaining walls out there – for all budgets. Hugely inspiring designs for ground-level pools, above and below ground-level pools, interior/exterior & ‘basement pools’. You can also find all sorts of ideas for long swimming pools, border pools, and plunge pools, built into narrow or tiny spaces with the use of retaining walls.

Swimming pool retaining wall designs can include rockery materials

One of the best places to find design inspiration for swimming pools and retaining walls is Pinterest.

Depending on your budget, you can also browse contemporary online architecture and design magazines or approach it from a ‘garden landscaping’ angle.

Retaining walls incorporating stone and succulent gardens are very ‘home-grown’ options for swimming pools. Have fun firing your imagination. Your swimming pool contractor, builder, or landscaper, can help you turn your design ideas into reality.