Like homes, swimming pools need loads of maintenance and upkeep. Styles change as does the technology behind the maintenance of a swimming pool. There are many reasons for a pool renovation including cracks, appearance and going green. Pool renovation can be time consuming and expensive depending on what your spec is, so always get a professional to assist you.

If you are replacing the coping, tile, and plaster, you can expect your swimming pool to be remodelled within two weeks or less. However, if your ideas include remodelling your entire pool with new concrete, decking, tiling and equipment, the job may take several weeks to complete.

Your pool renovation can be done all year round but remodelling your swimming pool during the winter is a definite advantage. Swimming pools are usually not used in the winter and our rainy season in Gauteng is in the summer months, avoiding mess and delays in your pool renovation.

Signs that you need a Swimming pool renovation

Visible signs of damage and cracks appearing
If you are not sure if the crack is purely aesthetic, call in a professional. They will evaluate it and advise you further. It may be just a lining repair or re-tiling or if the damage is too extensive you may need to think about a total pool overhaul.

Your Pool is no longer economical
Modern equipment today is more economical and energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. Don’t bulk at the upfront cost of this, look at it long term and you will see the savings you can make.

A pools appearance is everything
Homeowners who purchased their home with the pool already built did not get to have a personal say in choosing the design of the pool, now is the time to renovate and choose your own design. It may be just that your pool was built 15 years ago and looks completely outdated. A pool renovation will be a good opportunity to customise your pool to your taste, but keep in mind the resale value of your home.

Frequent Repairs are costing big bucks
Having to call in a pool repair company on a continual basis really means that it is time to renovate your swimming pool. A major repair might seem costly but in the long run if you add up all the small you repairs, you might find that you save money and time.

There are many additions that can be made to your pool area through a remodel making your swimming pool area a delight to be in. Adding water features, perhaps a hot tub or a tropical garden paradise surrounding the pool. When you plan your pool renovation with your pool professional ensure that all safety measures are strictly adhered to. Request a complete breakdown of cost, material and work schedule so you know what lies ahead of you, you don’t want any surprises.