Swimming pools are a huge part of the South African lifestyle; we all enjoy the outdoors and take pride in our homes. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn our pools remain constant in our garden, so it is important to keep them looking good all year round. The paving around the pool adds to the design and safety of your pool and consideration should be taken when choosing your “Look.” Choose swimming pool paving and surrounds that will suit not only your pool, but also your garden. Take into account the swimmers; are there children, old people and animals? Safety around swimming pools should be a high priority.

What is coping?
Coping is around the edge of your swimming pool, where the surround meets the mosaic tile. Use a non-slip stone or brick paving as tiles can become slippery. Using a rounded edge can prevent any harsh accidents; allow you to grab the edge safely, as well as providing a glamourous look. Coping is very important when it comes to setting the levels and defining the shape of your swimming pool. Copings are available in many colours, materials and shapes and when used correctly will complement the paving around the pool.

There are various types of Pool Paving

Brick paving seems to be the favourite amongst pool surrounds. There are various types, colours and shapes of brick paving to choose from. The choice of design and colour is unlimited and can be designed to take on the look of your garden, modern, classical or natural; so many choices!

Tiling is a fairly expensive option but really does add some je ne sais to the whole look of your pool design. There is a wide variety of different tiles you can choose from, just make sure that you choose tiles that are non-slip. Keep in mind when choosing your tile that dark colours retain heat and can become very hot underfoot.

Concrete and concrete pavers are versatile with the ability to create patterns and various colours. Concrete and concrete pavers are the most affordable option and are a great way to save money if you have a large area of paving to do. Interesting designs can be created with concrete pavers in various colours, bringing elegance and unity to your pool. Concrete may be the cheapest option but it is prone to cracking after a few years.

Natural stone is a very expensive choice for pool paving material but are solid with an extremely long life expectancy. Granite, sandstone, slate and limestone are all natural stone which can withstand tough weather conditions.

With so many options available it is good to call in a Professional. They understand the square meterage, drainage and longevity of the various materials. Most professionals will give you a guarantee on their work, so in the long run you will save money.