Swimming pool lights add visual character to a pool. They are essential for summer nights – whether you are swimming or enjoying a get together around the pool. They are also essential for safety.

The days of a single, ordinary pool light are also long gone. Installed LED pool lights offer visually stunning colour changes, on auto rotation. However, you can also have more than one pool light, positioned to show off your pool to great effect. Floating, solar-powered lights are the latest in look good and feel good pool lighting.

Pool lights are an important part of how your pool (and garden) looks at night. So, you need to look after them, and replace bulbs and parts when necessary. Maintaining your pool lights should be part of your pool maintenance schedule.

Here are some swimming pool light maintenance tips on how to keep your pool lights shining:

Installed Pool lights (Halogen and LED):

  • Ensure that the light box is watertight to prevent corrosion
  • Check the plastic casing regularly
  • Ensure that the water-level is always above the plastic outer casing to stop the casing from discolouring and cracking
  • Clean the outer lenses regularly with a rag
  • Replace the bulbs as per manufacturer recommendations and usage
  • Pool lights are low voltage – so ensure that the transformer is housed correctly and free from corrosion.
maintain your swimming pool light

Floating Solar-powered or Rechargeable LED lights:

  • These lights are ideal for above-ground pools. However, because floating lights get direct sun exposure, sun damage can tarnish their looks quickly. Water corrosion can destroy batteries.
  • Remove these lights from pool when the pool area is not in use. This will ensure that they do not discolour and crack. It will also extend the life of the battery and the bulbs
  • Dry them off and keep them in a watertight box or crate to keep them clean and prevent moisture corrosion.
  • Check the housing is watertight and there are no cracks.

The main concern for all pool lights – from halogen to fibre optic and LED – is corrosion. To get the most from your swimming pool lights: clean all outer parts and check for cracks and corrosion on a weekly to monthly basis.