A well-maintained swimming pool that is free from suction and pool leaks is a great asset in the sweltering summer heat to cool the body and give it great cardio-exercises.

Suction and pool leaks are part of the swimming pool problem of separating or disconnecting connections. The other swimming pool leak problems include structural cracks, broken or damaged subversive pipes and worn out equipment.

The suction leaks can be easily noticed when there is lots of air and water splattering underneath the pool’s water pump. Suction seepages also manifests when water levels go down when the pump is off and on high when the pump is operational. When the water pump is running, its pressure can reduce or close small leaks, so pay attention to when your pool pump is not operational.

The pressure leaks of a pump can result in bubbles in the pool. In turn this means that air is getting sucked into the pump instead of water. Some causes of suction leaks are a pump that lacks water, when the pump’s housing, drain plugs and small O-rings are worn out and broken allowing air into the system.

Leaks can also be a result of wear and tear of the water pump valve components; check valves, ball valves, and 3-way valves of the water pump. These are potential suspects for a leak especially when the pump motor housing, the O-rings and stem O-rings are old and malfunctioning.

The other reason for a suction leak could be due to old underground pipes and joints that could be leaking and allowing air into the system. PVC piping also creates potential leaks especially the PVC male adapter if is not well threaded at the front of the pump.

Before you start to panic that your pool may have a leak, make sure that the water level is correct. Rule of thumb, the water level should be at least half way up the skimmer. Check that your weir door or flap is not stuck as this can cause the pump to drain the skimmer and suck air.

Good and regular pool maintenance by an expert and professional can identify pool problems like leaks and can be resolve no matter how complex they maybe. Its always fun to understand how your swimming pool operates but if you feel that you are in the need of a professional, TLB Pools offers a variety of services.