Swimming pools are a luxury in most parts of the world, but in some countries, or areas, they are common. But where did they come from? And where do you find the biggest and scariest swimming pools in the world? Read on for answers to these questions and more ‘fun facts about swimming pools’!

Swimming Pools in History:

  • The oldest swimming pool (found so far) is in Pakistan. The ‘Great Bath’ was built at Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley around 3000 BC.
  • The Romans are thought to have built the first ever heated swimming pools, around 2000 years ago. These were usually indoor communal pools called ‘bathhouses’.

The Biggest – and Best – Swimming Pools in the World:

  • The biggest swimming pool ever built is the ‘Citystars Lagoon’ in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. At 120,000 m2 it is so big it’s being called a lagoon. However, it is a 100% man-made, enormous saltwater swimming pool.
  • Yes, that’s a Fun Fact some might not know: some swimming pools have salt water. Some people think Saltwater pools are the best pools because they don’t need to be cleaned with chlorine or other harsh chemicals.
  • You won’t find this pool in your average suburban backyard, but many people think the best kind of pool is Natural Swimming Pool. These pools use natural cleaning systems to stay clean and they can be landscaped to look like ponds.
Swimming pools are a luxury in most parts of the world, but in some countries, or areas, they are common

Alligators get in Swimming Pools:

The only thing worse than a green pool after a summer storm must be finding an alligator in your pool. This has happened to more than a few homeowners in Florida, in the United States. Only Game Lodges get crocs in the pool in S.A., but still – you should always check your pool before diving in.

If the thought of a croc in your pool is not enough, here’s the –

Scariest Swimming Pool in the World:

This must be the transparent Sky Pool in London. This 82 foot pool is suspended between two buildings, 10 stories above the street.

Hope you found those FACTS about swimming pools both interesting and fun!