Pool Skimmers to keep your pool debris free
Pool skimmers are essential pieces of equipment for your swimming pool maintenance – keeping the surface of swimming pool free of debris that can clog filters and will otherwise eventually sink to the bottom of the pool. They also suck up fine debris, small insects, dirt and residues that you simply can’t collect with a pool net.

There are several different kinds of pool skimmers on the market, so it’s useful to know which is best suited for your type of pool, and how to use each effectively. Gone are the days of skimming and vacuuming your pool manually, unless of course its really a job that relaxes you and that you enjoy.

Static Pool Skimmers:
The ‘static’ pool skimmer is built in to the side of most in-ground pools for baseline pool maintenance, but it is only effective if water-level is maintained at the exact level for the skimmer’s ‘weir’ to pull in debris on the thin surface-layer. You’ll still need to clean the surface with a net if there is a lot of debris for it to work properly. The skimmer’s basket must be cleaned out regularly to be effective, and you need to ensure that the water in your pool is topped up to exactly the right level all the time. If the ‘weir’ that sucks the thin layer of surface water sucks air, it can stall the pool pump.

Static Pool Skimmers

Floating Pool Skimmers:
The floating pool skimmer operates on the same ‘weir’ principle but doesn’t depend on water-level. It is a very useful back-up for an in-built skimmer in hot summer months when evaporation, swimming and all those pool parties can significantly lower water level. They are ideal for maintenance of above-ground pools or pools that don’t get lots of debris in them. Again, they are only effective if cleaned out regularly.

Floating pool skimmer

Hanging Pool Skimmers:
These are ideal for smaller above-ground pools and can be hung wherever they prove most effective.

hanging Pool Skimmers

Robotic Pool Skimmers – the best at pool maintenance:
Robotic Pool Skimmers are run on solar or battery power and will do what you would otherwise do with a pool-net – only better, and all the time. Like other ‘free-range’ floating pool skimmers, they are the better option for above-ground pools, unless the pool has a soft side, and for in-ground pools that get a lot of debris such as leaves on a daily basis. They are the most effective pool skimmers and can also pump chlorine into the water – another pool maintenance plus.

Robotic Pool Skimmers

Pool maintenance seems to get easier and easier, no need to spend hours making sure your pool is in tip top condition. However you maintain your pool, make sure you enjoy spending time doing it, the rewards can be fantastic.