We are approaching winter and the weather is never constant. One winter day can be freezing, while the next can be scorching hot. For this reason, it’s important that you keep your pool clean and ready to use in every season. For some lucky people you may have a heated pool that remains usable all year round, so having that fabulous pool party in winter is a great idea. While swimming never gets old and always keeps us healthy, pool parties should be about more than just swimming laps. Whether the pool is used by kids or adults, fun pool party games are a must. Here are some pool party games for all ages:

  • Pool volleyball: All the prep needed for this game is stretching a net across the pool and securing it on either side. Then you play a family-friendly game of volleyball- in the pool! Be careful of getting splashed!
  • Pool pick up sticks: This is a simple game that we have all played at one time or another. However, this version uses glow sticks! Wait until the sun is setting before cracking all of the glow sticks and throwing them in the water. On the count of three, everyone jumps in the pool and collects as many glow sticks as possible! Whoever picks up the most glow sticks wins.
  • Pool jenga: Get about ten pool noodles and cut them into pieces of .5 metres each. Then, throw them all in the pool and stack them like jenga pieces. Next, try to play jenga with the pool noodle pieces and see who wins! This game is much more fun when played in the water with the whole family.

There’s nothing worse than floating around in a pool, bored with nothing to do. Instead of lounging every time you use your pool, why not throw some pool parties complete with exciting games? Regardless of your pool design, size, or shape, you and your family can enjoy the pool party games listed above, and remember the all time favourite game….Marco Polo.