So, you are finally going to build that swimming pool! Happy summer days are coming! They’ll look and feel even better with a marbelite pool. If you already have a pool and it looks less than ‘villa-esque’, it may be time to invest in marbiliting.

What is ‘pool marbiliting’?

Let’s start with some terms:

  • Marbelite is a marble-based, reinforced coloured cement surface, used to line swimming pools.
  • Marbiliting is the art of lining your pool with marbelite. (And, yes… ‘marbiliting’ is spelled correctly – with an ‘i’.) It can also refer to the product – as in ‘look at my lovely marbeliting’.
  • Re-marbiliting is the re-application of the marbelite to keep your pool looking fancy and sparkly clean, for decades.

What are the benefits of pool marbiliting?

Yes, it is more expensive than settling for the relatively cheap fiberglass surface, but only initially, as a marbelite pool will more pay for itself:

  • It looks way better than fibreglass, adds extra sparkle to your pool, and is much easier to keep clean.
  • You can customise your whole pool if you want to and add mosaics and added features to make your design unique.
  • Marbelite pools not only look good, they are easier to maintain over the long term than fiberglass or other applications.
  • Marbiliting your swimming pool will make you and your pool the envy of your friends and nosy neighbours.
  • Marbelite lasts for a long time before it needs to be redone. Your marbiliting should be in perfect condition for at least 10 years.
  • Additions to an existing like waterfalls or creating an oasis to an existing pool is so much easier.
  • The strength of marbelite is incredible and it has a huge resistance to water.
pool marbiliting colours

The variety of marbiliting colours is vaste, so choose yours to suite your design.

A regular pool maintenance schedule will ensure that your marbelite pool remains an asset – worth every penny your have poured into it. With proper care and maintenance, marbiliting your pool will add tens of thousands of Rands, if not more, to the value of your property. Due to the mixture of white cement and marble it can be left white or you can add colour to your pool, making your pool truly unique. Designing the pool of your dreams is so easy with marbelite, so get creative and enjoy the process and of course hire the best pool professional you can find.

Pool marbiliting creating beautifully shaped pools

Designing pools with marbilite allows you to create unique and creative outside areas.