Pool covers have two main uses: covers keep your pool free of debris and they are also used for safety reasons. And yes, there are benefits – many benefits in fact.

 Pool cleanliness and maintenance

  1. Covers can be put over your pool whenever the pool is not in use. to prevent bugs, flowers, leaves and dirt getting into the pool. This is ideal if your pool is in frequent use – in summer, or year-round in the case of a heated pool or jacuzzi.
  2. Swimming pool covers are a true ‘pool-saver’ in inclement weather – keeping your pool free of soil and other debris brought in by wind and protecting the water from rain. Rain changes the PH of your pool water. This ‘deactivates’ the cleaning properties of chlorine, encouraging algae growth that can tun your pool green and grimy overnight.
Benefits of frequent use pool covers include:
  • A relatively (or completely) debris free surface in the morning – so you can dive right in!
  • Fewer pool cleaning chemicals required to keep the pool water clean and blue.
  • Greatly reduced need to run the pool pump for filtration. Similarly, you won’t need to run pool cleaner machines as much. This can save you a small fortune on electricity!
  • Daily use of a pool cover ensures your pool is always blue, free of bugs and grime and easy to maintain.

Alternatively, heavy duty covers can be fitted to keep the pool covered over the winter months.

Benefits of covering your pool in winter include:

  • Reduced cleaning at the start of the swimming season
  • Reduced pool maintenance over the long-term

Pool Safety

Secure pool covers are essential for households with small children. Safety covers can help prevent children accidently falling into the pool. A secure pool cover can also act as deterrent for curious little ones who might otherwise try to get to the pool past a safety fence and gate.

They may be awkward and unwieldy, but swimming pool covers are to be recommended for their considerable benefits.