Winter can play havoc with your swimming pool. This means extra time, effort and expense getting your pool ready for swimming next summer.

If you want to keep your pool looking great overall, and make sure it’s a quick prep to get it in ‘swim-top shape’.

Follow these steps to prepare your pool for winter – and ensure it’s ready to summer:

Step 1: Clean your pool thoroughly. The cleaner the better. It’s essential to try to remove all traces of mould, algae, debris and sediment. You may need to scrub the sides of your pool a few times with different brushes to get it completely clean (in addition to letting the Creepy Crawly do its thing).
You can use a manual pool skimmer, pump or a vacuum pool skimmer to remove all remaining debris from the surface of the water at the same time.

Step 2: Backwash the water. Do this for at least 5 minutes.

Step 3: Balance and condition the water. To prevent the regrowth of algae and mould, you need to ensure that the pool water is at the correct PH. This should be a maximum of 7.8.

You also need to balance the concentration of calcium if you are in a hard water area or you may get scaling and/or corrosion on the inside of the pool and in the pool equipment.

Also check the alkalinity of the water. Test kits and balancing chemicals, available from your swimming pool shop, make this easier to do than it sounds.

Step 4: Use a pool ‘shock treatment’ to do a final clean and sterilisation of the water.

Step 5: Backwash again – flushing the filters. Your pool maintenance professional will assist you in identifying exactly what you need to do for your kind of filter to ensure it’s all ready for storage.

Step 4: Switch off the pumps, remove the filters and other filter equipment. Dry them all, then store them where they will stay dry and clean.

Step 5: Cover your pool. Ensure that your cover is tight, and does not allow ingress of debris or rainwater. Both can quickly turn your clean pool green – undoing all your efforts to get your pool ready for winter or ‘overwintering’.

Alternatively, you can get a heating system for your pool, and keep it going through winter!