Pool pumps should be run to filter the pool water once a day at a minimum. However, to keep your pool sparkling and the water clean and healthy (without an over-reliance on chemicals) you may need to filter twice or even three times in a day.

Pool pumps keep your pool clean by circulating the water through a filtration system. This removes surface debris as well as finer things like hair and lint. It also keeps the water ‘moving’ around the pool, creating a slow current. These are both essential factors in keeping the pool clean and free of algae – along with pool chemicals and other pool bottom and sides scrubbers and cleaning equipment

How often and how long to run your pool pump

The power usage is a factor in how often and how long you should run your pump. However, it’s more important that the pump does its job. If you do not filter the water thoroughly or often enough, your pool will suffer! Chlorine and other cleaning mechanisms will not be enough to prevent stagnation and keep the water of a quality suitable for swimming.

 How often you need to run the pool pump will be influenced by:

  • Water temperature
  • The volume of organic debris needing to be cleaned off the surface (although much can be removed manually with a pool skimmer)
  • How much the pool is used

How LONG the pump needs to run each time depends on:

  • The size and depth of the pool – i.e. the volume of water to be pumped
  • The type of pump
  • How far the water needs to be pumped to circulate it through the filtration system and back into the pool

For an average size swimming pool, this amounts to around 12 hours per day ( 3 x 4-hour filtrations) in the summer months when the pool is in use.

In winter, you should run your pump daily for 2 – 3, max 4, hours to circulate the water, even if it the pool is covered.