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A few tips here and some advice there, for those of you that are privileged enough to own a swimming pool.

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Having a pool can be a homeowners dream. We then discover that maintaining a pool takes patience and time. Ignoring the maintenance is not an option as the pool may become unsafe to use and all sorts of algea may take over.

Pool “know how” is gained by experience and tried and tested methods. Experience that is only gained by some disasters and some stunning successes.

Please enjoy our blog, may it help you to keep your pool cleaner and healthier.

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How to prepare your pool for winter

Winter can play havoc with your swimming pool. This means extra time, effort and expense getting your pool ready for swimming next summer. If you want to keep your pool looking great overall, and...

Are Swimming Pool LED Lights Worth It?

Swimming pool LED lights are worth every cent you spend on them. Swimming pool LED lights have several advantages over traditional halogen pool lights – from lasting longer to the light show effects...

When should you give your pool a shock treatment

Available in both liquid and granular form, pool shock is used to kill bacteria and the algae that turns pools green. It also helps to maintain the correct chemical balance in your pool. Pool shock...

Backwashing and rinsing your swimming pool

‘Backwashing and rinsing’ in pool care refers to a method used to clean the pool filters. Often referred to simply as ‘backwashing’, backwashing and rinsing are steps in this essential part of...

How to fix a green pool after heavy rain

Swimming pools can turn green overnight after a summer rainstorm. That’s almost every day in Gauteng! So, how do you get your pool to turn blue again as quickly as possible? There are some things...

Best time of year to build a pool

The best time of year to build a swimming pool is whenever it is not rainy season. This will differ in different parts of America. If you are planning on building a pool, ready for summer, the best...

Some fun facts about swimming pools

Swimming pools are a luxury in most parts of the world, but in some countries, or areas, they are common. But where did they come from? And where do you find the biggest and scariest swimming pools...

Pool Covers – Are there any benefits?

Pool covers have two main uses: covers keep your pool free of debris and they are also used for safety reasons. And yes, there are benefits – many benefits in fact. Pool cleanliness and maintenance...

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